Contest allows Houston pet owners to show off their cute critters, help abused and abandoned animals

If you're looking for a way to show off your cute pet, while helping abused and abandoned dogs out from Houston’s so-called Corridor of Cruelty at the same time, you're in luck!

Located just northeast of downtown Houston, the Corridor of Cruelty is a place no dog wants to be, yet fate has landed thousands of them there.

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"Any dog that you see on the street is just wanting to be that family dog," said Jeff Hoke with Corridor Rescue. "It’s an area where dogs are abandoned fighting dogs are dumped and there’s a severe problem with stray animals there."


Corridor rescue specializes in street dogs, like Hopper, a pup who sadly had his ears cut off. It's dogs like him that lead to the formation of Corridor Rescue in 2009. 

"His ears were totally swollen shut and infected," said Corridor Rescue’s Page Moore. "He’s a perfect example: the breed, what’s been done to them by humans, the sheer abandonment and neglect that happens to these dogs that step out there."

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"Tough medical cases dogs that have been injured dogs that are really going to need some care and rehabilitation before they are physically and mentally ready for adoption," said Hoke. "Not a lot of rescues have the capabilities we do for that. We specialize in that."

While a lot of folks help Corridor Rescue by volunteering and fostering the nonprofit has found a fun way for everyone to help: it’s called the Corridor Rescue Cute Critters Contest. For $10 you can enter your dog or cat to be featured in a calendar. 

Contest winners will be featured each month and one lucky pet will be on the cover.

You can even buy certain days, as votes are a dollar each. There’s even a leader board to track how your pet is doing.

"Send Grandma the calendar with a picture of her pet on her birthday Grandma is going to love it," said Catherine Hoffman with Corridor Rescue. "I feel like it’s going to build some community and build some support for the animals who need it." 

The Cute Critter Contest runs through September 2nd. For additional information on Corridor Rescue, visit their website, and to learn more about the contest, click here.