Constables deliver water to Houstonians still waiting on plumbing repairs

Many people in Houston are still without water more than three weeks after the deep freeze.

On Tuesday, six of the Harris County Constables got together to deliver truckloads of water to those who still can’t shower or use water for cooking in their own homes.

The Constables went to all five of the apartment complexes they were aware of but said there are probably many more without water due to broken pipes.

Constables and their deputies delivered water to the Bellfort Plaza Apartments on Bellfort Street, the Villas Del Paseo on Elmside, Stone Crossing on Elmside, Belmont Place on Valley Forge, and the apartments at 7714 Avenue B.

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"It shows you how Houston is pulling together, and that’s a blessing and a great relief," said Michelle McNeal, a tenant at Bellfort Plaza Apartments.

The property manager at Bellfort says four to five buildings are still without water nearly a month after a deep freeze broke thousands of pipes across Houston.

"It’s very frustrating," said Byron Williams, a tenant at Bellfort. "You pay your rent every month. You expect to have certain things."


"I’m retired from the city," said Carlton Hamilton, another frustrates tenant at Bellfort. "I shouldn’t be living like this."

Many others at Bellfort did get their water turned back on but still don’t have hot water. The property manager says the long delay in repairs is due to a shortage in plumbing supplies. The Constables agree.

"Everybody in town is- there’s a shortage, whether you’re Home Depot, Lowe’s or some of your private locations," said Constable Alan Rosen with Harris County Pct. 1. "I reached out to one, and I know Constable Trevino is the same. We’re trying to find resources of equipment that they need in order to get their facilities back up and running."

Apartment residents still without water in West Houston

The residents continue to walk to large commercial containers to fill buckets and other receptacles with water. This is the water they are using to bathe, wash dishes, and flush toilets.

"And that’s the same issue they’re having at the last location we went to," said Constable Silvia Trevino with Harris County Pct. 6.

The Constables say the wait on repairs and shortage of supplies is leaving property managers in stressful situations.

"He said he’s ordered the part, and hopefully it’ll come in soon, but I know they’re backed up," said Constable Trevino, recalling her conversation with one property manager. "All the plumbing supplies are backed up. He ordered it out of the state, and that’s all he’s waiting for."

Apartment tenants say they’re having to go to family and friends’ homes just to take a shower or to have water to cook with. It’s unclear how many people across the region are still coping with broken pipes and no water.

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