Conroe man says delivery truck driver hit his car, then drove off

A Conroe man says the driver of an Amazon Prime truck hit his car and then took off.

Livingston Denegre-Vaught has showed us video he caught on his security cameras, stating that it all started back at the end of November. He says one evening he went out to his truck to get something, when he noticed his son's Mercedes Benz had been hit. When he asked his son about it and the son said he knew nothing, they checked the security cameras. That's when Livingston says an Amazon Prime truck hit the car, backed up and then drove off.

Livingston says he has been a loyal Amazon customer for quite some time, but he says he's had a hard time getting everything settled with the company's insurance company ARC.

“I have to take him everywhere at night. He has a lot of activities so it’s been a hassle for a month taking him back-and-forth and just dealing with the phone calls and emails, oh my gosh,” says Livingston Denegre-Vaught.

An Amazon spokesperson sent FOX 26 a statement that says, "This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery service partners. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we are working with the customer to quickly resolve this matter."

The spokesperson also confirmed the driver was employed by a third party delivery service and was not an Amazon employee. The insurance company ARC also advised Livingston through an email that additional expenses can be sent to the company.