Conroe ISD delaying home football game start times because of extreme heat

Conroe ISD is delaying its varsity football games to start later than usual this season because of the extreme triple-digit heat. 

District officials made the announcement Tuesday night on Conroe ISD's Facebook page.

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The message said, "Due to extreme heat, varsity football games at Woodforest Bank and Moorhead Stadiums from August 24 - September 1 will start at 8 p.m. Woodforest Bank Stadium games include Aldine Nimitz vs Grand Oaks; North Shore vs The Woodlands; Klein Cain vs College Park; and Stratford vs Oak Ridge. Moorhead Stadium games include Katy Paetow vs Conroe; Aldine Eisenhower vs Conroe; and Galena Park vs Caney Creek."

"This is as hot as I've ever seen it. I've lived here my whole life. I’ve never experienced this kind of heat. I don’t think I've ever seen that many 100+ days in a row," said Tim Cappolino. 

According to a district spokesperson, the heat delay currently only applies to varsity football games at Woodforest Bank and Moorhead Stadiums from August 24 to September 1. That means practices, JV games, cross country meets, and other outdoor activities will go on as scheduled.

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While some parents applaud the delay, others worry it won’t be enough.

"I think these boys, they will be out there playing hard no matter what. But I think giving them another hour or two more and have that little bit cooler temperature in the evening, I think that’s what’s best for them," said Juan Medrano. 

"I'm just concerned that they’re going to get overheated and get some sort of illness from it," Cappolino said. 

Experts suggest athletes wearing lightweight, loose-fitting clothing, drinking plenty of fluids before and during workouts, and taking plenty of breaks in the shade to avoid getting heat stroke. 

A Conroe ISD spokesperson says they will make adjustments to other events and activities as needed. Any updated information will be relayed on their social media pages.