Company that created casket for Maleah Davis makes casket for 5-year-old Sierra Patino

The same company responsible for donating Maleah Davis’ “My Little Pony” casket, has stepped in once again for a 5-year-old Houston girl that was found dead in a closet in northwest Houston a week ago.

SoulShine Industries created a pink Minnie Mouse-inspired casket with Sierra Patino’s picture on it.

The company posted a picture of the casket on social media Monday, saying,” Sierra Patino's story captured the hearts of everyone here at SoulShine. We had the privilege of creating her casket in a Minnie Mouse themed which she loved.”

“You can see her light shined through the design and may it shine on for eternity. Sending all of our love and prayers to her loved ones,” the company said.

Family members of Sierra discovered her corpse when they went to the Quail Creek Apartments on Grow Lane in northwest Houston to visit. They were overcome by a foul odor coming from one of the closets, where they found her, and immediately called police.

Investigators say, Priscilla Torres, the little girl’s mother,  initially told them little Sierra died after drinking toilet bowl cleaner. But she later changed her story, saying the child was injured while Esparza was giving her a bath.

Torres' boyfriend, Santiago Esparza, has been charged with tampering with evidence, namely a human corpse. He was brought into custody on Friday evening.

Torres is facing the same charge of tampering with evidence, namely a human corpse. The bond for Torres remains at $50,000.