Community Impact - Las Vegas feel at Cane Island in Katy

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If you’re planning on buying a home during the summer, you may have more options than ever in the Katy area. 

Families moving to the newly-built Cane Island master-planned community are greeted by a dog ambassador named Hub. They’re attracted to a flood of amenities. 

“We have a two-story fitness center, a yoga and pilates studio, a lap pool, a resort pool with custom cabanas," said Olivia Robinette with Cane Island. "Our developers are from Las Vegas, so they brought that resort type feel to our family pool.” 

The development is one of six new master-planned communities in the works. That means 11,000 homes are coming soon to the Katy area with schools and new roads driving the demand.

“The builders are  poised to take advantage of the buyer market we have waiting for homes,” said Veronica Mullenix with the Houston Area Realtors Board of Directors.

But buyer beware. Mullenix also explained that property taxes can be a deal breaker for some families looking at newer areas.

“With taxes being so large in newer areas that's what makes resale so attractive. because you have older MUD districts in unincorporated areas of Katy," said Mullenix. "My advice to sellers is if you're thinking of selling, this would be a good time to do it because if you don't do it the builders are going to do it.” With so many new homes, builders are forced to compete based on amenities. 

“We even have a conservatory,” said Robinette. The conservatory is a glass building with more than 7,000 flowers in the middle of Cane Island. 

“A great place to sit and relax, quaint space, read a book, rent it out for dinner party, bridal party or any type of event you'd like to have in there,” described Robinette.