Community comes together to help Brazos River flood victims

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The Red Cross is helping Brazos River flood victims, so is the Salvation Army, but a Rosenberg businessman is doing all he can to help the community in need.

Joey Bonds, owner of Raq's Supply Company, streams live on social media to collect donations.

"When they ask us what we need, we tell them, " Bonds says, "and they are here within 15 minutes to drop off what we need."

Bonds turned his clothing store into a clearinghouse. Items that come in the door as donations, go right back out the door as supplies for people flooded from their homes.

"I'm from here, and a lot of the spots effected, I've lived in those areas. I know a lot of people," Bonds says. "So the fact that some of these people weren't able to get to their house and get things that they need is devastating. It really touched home."

His business has been shut down to help flood victims since Wednesday, but he says it's the right thing to do.

"We have a place to sleep at night, and some people don't," he says. "We're very fortunate for that."