Comedian Tommy Davidson talks about his rough childhood ahead of his Houston performance

Comedian film and TV actor, producer Tommy Davidson, has been making us laugh for more than 30 years. You know him the hit sketch show In Living Color, The Proud Family, and so many more countless shows, movies, and his many impersonations and comedic characters. However, he recently opened up a little more about his childhood. 

In 2020, he released his book —Living In Color -What’s Funny About Me. It was the first time he spoke about being abandoned by his mother at the age of 18 months in the 1960s in Mississippi, in a pile of trash.


The secret that he had been keeping to himself surrounding his early years was that the woman who found him and adopted him, was white.

He managed to turn that trauma into triumph with the love of comedy.


Tommy Davidson will be performing live Thursday, March 24 at the Komedy Lounge on FM 1960.

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