Clearwater Aquarium's Winter and Hope celebrate birthdays with special guests

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The famous dolphins at Clearwater Marine Aquarium are turning a year older. But they didn’t celebrate alone.

Eight-year-old Addlee and 10-year-old Braedon were inspired by Winter’s story and wanted to help her celebrate. Adlee was adopted from China at the age of two, with a partial right hand. Braedon is a dual, below-knee amputee who lost his legs due to a viral infection shortly after he was born.

Together, they celebrated Winter and Hope’s birthdays by singing, playing and presenting a fishy “birthday cake.” Just like Winter, Addlee and Braedon are as normal and happy as can be. Winter turned 13 years old and Hope turned 8 years old. Aquarium officials said they don't know their true date of births, but Winter and Hope were estimated to be two months old when they were rescued on December 11, 2005 and December 11, 2010, respectively.

Winter was the center of a popular movie titled, Dolphin Tale, who lost her tail, but received a prosthetic replacement. Hope joined Winter in the sequel in 2014.

The aquarium is celebrating their birthdays all month long, offering admission for $9.99 for Tampa Bay residents through October 31.