Child found after going missing in Sam Houston National Forest

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Search crews worked around the clock to help find three year old Ezra, who went missing Saturday afternoon in the Sam Houston National Forest. It paid off too because Sunday afternoon he was found.

"He is alert, smiling and has been reported to be in good condition and is being evaluated by a medical team", says Captain Jimmy Williams with the New Waverly Volunteer Fire Department.

The search began after his family reported that he had wandered off from their campsite. Saturday night crews battles the dark sky and Sunday the heat.

Steve Degnar, president of Montgomery County Search and Rescue says, "I mean we had every kind of ATV, helicopter, fixed winged airplane, ATV, UTV, everything we had was out here but the thing we had help, was the 'ground pounders', the people that were out here on foot".

Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch was almost speechless upon hearing that Ezra had been found. "An outcome I don't think any of us ever expected I think we were certainly hoping for the best, preparing for the worst, we had 200 plus people out there and it just shows everybody working for the right reasons, we can get results like this", says Miller.

It was a moment of triumph for those involved in the search who say outcomes like this don't always happen.

"We can't as for anything better, that is why people that do search and rescue get into search and rescue just for this outcome, the greatest outcome we could get has just happened just now", says Degnar.