Chicago activists stage 'die-in' outside President Obama's South Side home

Activists took to the streets in Hyde Park and staged a die in in front of President Obama’s home Friday night to call on him to do something to change the justice system and hold police accountable for excessive force.

“We’re tired of seeing police not be accountable, so we’re bringing it to the President’s doorstep,” said activist Jedidiah Brown with Chicago Life.

Chanting “What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now,” about two dozen protesters walked into the middle of 51st Street and laid down as if dead to symbolize what they say has happened to black men at the hands of police.

While Chicago police looked on, demonstrators laid quietly in the street, united peacefully in their cause.

“Let’s have a moment of silence for those who have lost their lives to police brutality and excessive force,” Brown told the group.

Some prayed while others streamed the event live on social media. Brown called on the President to move with directives and policies to hold police accountable for excessive force that has cost black lives.

“Help us to help us,” Brown said.

Demonstrators said there needs to be an end to racism that they believe is the cause of police shootings.

“Why is hate, why is hate nationwide. Why is it syndicated?” asked protester Marco Anthony.

“This can’t keep happening to us because tomorrow it could be my brother, tomorrow it could be  my friend,” said protester Nina Almore.

After about five minutes, demonstrators moved their protest out of the street. They then staged a second die-in on the sidewalk joining arms as they did. But despite the frustrations over police killings, there was support for the officers who were ambushed in Dallas and there was hope.

“This situation, I personally believe, that we can heal from it,” Brown told the crowd. “I personally believe that all lives are significant and today we don’t want to diminish anybody losing their lives.”