Houston recovery: Chefs cooking up hot meals for storm victims, volunteers helping to hand out water, supplies

Dozens are coming together to help Houstonians who were hit hard by last week's storm.

In Northwest Harris County, thousands are still without power. No electricity, along with storm-ravaged homes, have left many in need of quite a bit. Thanks to a host of volunteers from groups like Hope City Church, help is here.

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"Hi there, how many meals do you need?" a smiling face asks as a car drives up.

When you step onto the Hope City Church Headquarters property, you're first greeted by the smell of amazing food. The kind-hearted culinary artists are whipping up delicious donations for residents who have been without electricity for days, after the storm knocked out power and left some with severely damaged homes.

"We're just all about feeding victims, volunteers and first responders the very best meal we can under the circumstances," says Chef Gary LeBlanc, who's the Founder of the non-profit Mercy Chefs.

"It's such a big blessing," says storm victim Rene Ross.  

"Well, its what we should do. Food is love," LeBlanc said. 

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Mercy Chefs is teaming with Hope City Church and Convoy of Hope, giving gourmet hot meals and much more, including fresh baked desserts.

"Something amazing happens over a shared meal. You and I do it as friends or family, but when you can come and do that with someone on what might be the worst day of their life, it's an incredible thing to be able to do. We had a chili mac. We're working on chicken pot pie. We have shepherd's pie tomorrow, a chicken bake. We're bringing out our smoker for pork loin," LeBlanc said.

"We're really grateful. We're really grateful. Thank you," says storm victim Daniel Martinez.

"We've got hundreds of cars coming through. The line is over three miles long. Every family that's coming through here is getting a hot meal. They're getting water. They're getting food and supplies," explains Hope City Church Missions Pastor Brandon Barber, who is also doing with issues at his home.  

"Me and my family in the Barber household, we're just like everybody else in the community. No power. We're displaced," says Barber.  

Hope City Church Headquarters is also without power. Some storm victims, like Victoria Chacon, are also volunteering and prayer is available for anyone who would like it.

"Recently I lost my mom, and my dad is not with me. He lives in Florida in a nursing home. It's been very hard for me. Coming here to volunteer has been a blessing for me. I'm just overwhelmed with joy. We have Christian music playing. We're even dancing a little, and it's just phenomenal," Chacon explains.

"Although we don't have power, it's not going to stop us from helping and reaching people. We'll be here as long as the community needs us," Barber adds.