CD7 candidate under fire from party draws support from opponents

Congressional candidate Laura Moser is under attack from a highly unexpected source -- her very own political party.

The unabashed progressive has drawn rare and scathing fire from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee which has labeled the journalist and mother too liberal to beat Republican incumbent John Culberson for a Houston House seat the DCCC desperately hopes to flip.

Moser has fired back, saying, "It's disappointing to hear from Washington operatives trying to tell Texans what to do."

Candidate Joshua Butler, a Moser primary opponent, stands to gain on election day from the Democratic Committee's attack, but is speaking out against the national party's interference.

"I was agitated, ticked-off and very frustrated with the DCCC. I don't think it's the national organization's right or responsibility to come in and try and influence a race that the constituents should be deciding," said Butler.

And Butler's far from alone.

While Dr. Jason Westin's battling to beat Moser and five others next Tuesday, he's dead set against political carpetbagging by national interests in a race that's been mostly characterized by mutual respect.

"I am proud of the campaign we're running based on clean ideas, not on dirty tricks. I think it should be on Texans to decide who represents us, not political operatives in Washington D.C.," said Westin.

The Moser campaign claims the effort to cast out their candidate has backfired, attracting fresh money, new volunteers and plenty of attention from media with the primary just days away.