Car left running in garage sends deadly fumes throughout apartment complex, 18 sent to the hospital

Gas fumes at an apartment complex sent more than a dozen people to the hospital on Saturday, including children. Authorities say one person is in critical condition and was taken via Life Flight.

At first it was suspected  to be natural gas...but the Raveneaux Apartments are all electric. The fire department was able to quickly find the source in one of buildings garages.

An elderly person left their car running in the garage and that caused the smell of carbon monoxide to leak through the apartments. 

"They had encountered three people outside the building saying they were feeling nauseous and sick they immediately got the CO meter off the apparatus and their initial read was almost 500 parts per million carbon monoxide in the building, and that’s kind of were our meter cuts off." sais Douglas Poor, District Chief of the Champions Fire Department. "The car was running for quite some time. The car had actually killed itself. The air in tank shut it down because it wasn’t getting any air in the motor."

A total of 18 people were transported to Memorial Hermann, one was taken by Life Flight in critical condition.