'Bring them to their financial knees,' Texas leaders speak out against Russia

On Saturday Governor Greg Abbot asked Texas businesses to remove Russian products from their shelves, saying Texas stands with Ukraine. 

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This comes as Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee took a strong stance against Russia today, saying the U.S. needs to bring Russia to its knees financially in order to end this war. She held a joint press conference with several other local leaders calling out Russia for "senselessly invading Ukraine."

"What can we do here in Houston? Please use your social media and support the people of Ukraine," she said. "I encourage U.S. congress to keep doing as we are, we are now joined together as republicans and democrats to find the solution that can help end the war."

As the battle for Ukraine's capital continues their military is gravely out-numbered, but standing their ground and holding Russian troops off. 

Thousands of innocent people are hiding out in subways and make-shift bomb shelters; the congresswoman saying it’s a humanitarian crisis, leaving people without food, water, or clothing. And she says she believes if Putin conquers Ukraine, it's only the beginning of what’s to come. 

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If we do not stop this we don’t know how far Vladimir Putin will go, my fear is if Ukraine falls the region falls" she said. 

The Congresswoman heading back to D.C. to call for a cease-fire, and she says the only way that will happen is for western countries to continue delivering harsh blows to Russia's economy.

"Cut Russia out of SWIFT, cut them out now shut them down for their financial transactions, bring them to their financial knees," Jackson-Lee said. 

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More than 150,000 Ukrainians have fled the country with hundreds of thousands more trying to escape. Houston's leaders say that the city is ready and willing to accept refugees from Ukraine if it comes to that.