Brazoria residents require rescue after Brazos flood waters roll in

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When the state of Texas rolls in buses to evacuate Ramsey Prison - you know the Brazos River is rising hard.
Flood waters have climbed so fast up FM 1462 in Brazoria County even folks with plenty of warning have been trapped.

"Everybody out there is just underwater where we live," said Gloria Onken.

Gloria stood amid a small task force of first responders, boats and high water vehicles pleading for someone to reach her husband Darren, still stranded a mile and a half away in their home.

"He's got bad knees. He can't do anything and he can't swim," said Gloria.

As first minutes then hours passed, mere anxiety turned to fear that rescuers would somehow fail to find him.

"It can't be that difficult with all these boats over here," said Gloria, her voice cracking with emotion and the first tears of the afternoon.

A few miles away the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott was on the ground gathering information and delivering guidance. His primary message - these flood waters are not to be trifled with.

"Do everything you can to preserve your life and the life of others. Know this - if you are trapped inside a home in a neighborhood you will be found. Aid is coming to you. Your needs will be met as swiftly as possible," said Abbott.

Back in Rosharon,  the Governor's pledge was kept as Darren Onken and a pet bird arrived in a rescue boat six hours after Gloria made her plea.