Boy with rare cancer hopes to meet Chris Brown

His mother, LaToya Smith, was devastated.

“It’s called liposarcoma. It's a rare pediatric cancer. It's a fat cell cancer. If we look at it under a microscope, we just think it's like fat cells to an untrained eye,” Smith said.

“When I found out, the only thing I could do was cry. I called my daughter, called my mom, and I didn’t know how advanced it was,” Smith continued.

As time passed by, the tumor spread to his right lung and to his brain. Doctors eventually realized the cancer had started in his left calf and spread upward.

Chris has undergone a number of treatments including chemotherapy, radiation and brain surgery. But now, his medications have seemed to take a toll on him.

“They gave him methadone and this is what happens. My baby can’t walk and he can barely talk,” Smith said.

“Texas Children’s tells me there's nothing else medically they can do for him and that he has a couple of days to a couple of weeks to live. One of his wishes is to meet Chris Brown. He went to the concert last year but he didn’t get to meet him,” Smith said.        

Ten days ago, his sister, Corriena Hall, posted a message on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ChrisBrownforChris. The post soon went viral and caught the attention of the singer-song writer.

“6.7k retweets and 112k likes. Chris Brown responded today and said 'Let’s make it happen,'” Hall said. 

His family hopes they'll get to watch the two Chris’s dance together side by side. It's the one thing he's wished for since he was a kid.

“Hopefully he'll get better by then. He will get better by then so they can dance together,” Hall said.

Smith said Chris hopes to take some classes at ACC when he gets better and eventually transfer to TSU.

Chris has always had aspirations to become a dance choreographer. His family's hoping the meet and greet could turn into some sort of dance-off between the two Chris’s.