Beyoncé's Renaissaince World Tour rumored set list, what to expect from the show

Beyoncé is all the buzz as she started off her Renaissance World Tour in Sweden on May 10. The music superstar is due to make a stop in her hometown of Houston for two nights on Sept. 23 and 24, so it’s better to start preparing now for her return.

The Renaissance World Tour will have 57 shows and run from May 10 to September 27, 2023.

There is no opening act for the Renaissance Tour so as soon as the show starts it’s time to get in Formation. The concert lasts approximately 3 hours and the alleged setlist has at least 36 songs, but could change from show to show.

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Some fans on Twitter have said Beyoncé has had to cut songs from the setlist in order to abide by the stadium's curfew. 

Some songs on the setlist have elements from her other popular songs as well, so you can ensure you’ll hear some of everything.

Fans will also be served during the show, as  Renaissance pays homage to queer ballroom culture. Her dancers vogue their way through an all-out ballroom-style dance break with kicks, flips, dips, and more.

Just be prepared for the all-out Energy!

Beyoncé will also be doing her part, off the stage through her BeyGOOD foundation. According to the foundation, $1 million has been committed to a program that will host luncheons in select cities including London, Chicago, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, and New Orleans.

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The foundation will host a Black Parade Route luncheon for 100 entrepreneurs in each city the day before the concert tour stops there. 

Entrepreneurs will be able to network and possibly receive a grant from a $100,000 fund that is allocated to each luncheon.

Another $1 million has been committed to a scholarship fund. In 10 cities, including Paris, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Washington, D.C., colleges and universities will be given scholarship funds to distribute to students selected by the schools.


The set list is rumored to be:

  1. "Dangerously in Love 2"
  2. "Flaws and All"
  3. "1+1"
  4. "I’m Goin' Down" (Mary J. Blige cover)
  5. "I Care"
  6. "I’m That Girl"
  7. "Cozy"
  8. "Alien Superstar"
  9. "Lift Off"
  10. "Cuff It"
  11. "Energy"
  12. "Break My Soul"
  13. "Formation"
  14. "Diva"
  15. "Run the World (Girls)"
  16. "My Power"
  17. "Black Parade"
  18. "Savage (Remix)"
  19. "Partition"
  20. "Church Girl"
  21. "Get Me Bodied"
  22. "Before I Let Go"
  23. "Rather Die Young"
  24. "Love on Top"
  25. "Crazy in Love"
  26. "Plastic Off the Sofa"
  27. "Virgo’s Groove"
  28. "Naughty Girl"
  29. "Move"
  30. "Heated"
  31. "Thique"
  32. "All Up In Your Mind"
  33. "Drunk in Love"
  34. "America Has a Problem"
  35. "Pure/Honey"
  36. "Summer Renaissance"