Bayou City Buzz - tips and hot spots for crawfish season

Some would say it's the most wonderful time of the year. No, it's not Christmas, it's crawfish season! Mud bugs, craw daddies, crayfish, whatever you want to call the freshwater crustacean, which are abundant in the swamps and marshes in south Louisiana, have become wildly popular in Houston.

Reports show that Louisiana produces between 120 and 150 million pounds of crawfish annually. 

Many Houstonians showed off their technique for tossing back their crawfish, as well as their average amount consumed.

"This is five pounds, but I can eat ten pounds by myself in most cases," said one cajun diner. 

Fox 26 Morning Show anchor José Griñán has won many crawfish eating contests, and has his own secret for putting the mud bugs away quickly. 

"The key is, right where the tail is connected to the shell, you want to pinch it to make the meat loose down at that end," said Griñán.

Pleny of crawfish can be found across the city at these locations: Ragin' Cajun, Boil House, Hank's Cajun Crawfish, The Boot, BB's Cajun Cafe, and The Cajun Stop.