Back-and-forth contradictions in Prairie View off-campus shooting

Motherly love never ever wavers.

"He is loved," said Jackie Wilder Harris, the grandmother of De-Edderick Graves. "He got plenty of love because he's not a bad person. He's like a kid to me."

But Graves is in a very adult situation. He's facing the possibility of a lifetime of paralysis after being shot by a Prairie View A&M University officer who was trying to arrest him for allegedly firing fourteen shots at two people on a campus parking lot on Jan. 30.

After days of silence, the PVAMU police department released a statement reading in part, "Although nobody was seriously injured, multiple potential victims were in the area at the time of the shooting."

FOX 26 News also learned more about Graves. He has a felony record in three counties, including charges of bail jumping, evading arrest, possession of controlled substances, burglary and aggravated robbery.

At a rally outside the PVAMU campus police department building, activist Quanell X claimed the police chief admitted to him and to Graves' lawyer that the officer blew it when he attempted to make the arrest.

"The officer, by himself, was just for him to do surveillance," said Quanell X. "There was no order for  him to make an arrest." He said without evidence to support it.

And to notify local authorities.

However, a statement from PVAMU police contradicts that: "In the February incident, UPD followed its protocols and notified local authorities of the UPD operations in their area."

Initially, Quanell X said there was no gun. Again, a contradiction from the police statement.

"The suspect in the encounter was armed," according to the statement.

Quanell X said there was a gun in the car, but not on Graves, according to a witness

"Who saw that cop pick up that gun, walk it over to then drop it by the young man as he was lying on the ground," said Quanell X.

Quanell X is a contributor to the FOX Faceoff opinion segment.