Autistic student stabbed on campus, says he was bullied

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"I was stunned," said Misty Nichols. "I couldn't believe it." She said she received a call from Caney Creek High School and someone told her that her 17-year-old son Dalton had been stabbed by another student with a calligraphy pen.

"I heard this kid screaming my name, looking for me," said Dalton.

"The one across the top of his back required thirteen stitches," said Misty.

"This is not the first time he's been bullied," said Jerry Nichols, Dalton's father.

Dalton's parents said that their son's autism has made him a target for bullying.

"I've been talking to Conroe ISD about the bullying and my son since he's been in the fourth grade," said Misty.

Dalton's mother said she was told by school officials that the boy who stabbed her son was arrested and charged but will be returning to campus in a few days.

"I'm not satisfied with that at all," said Misty. "In my opinion, he shouldn't be placed back period." 

"It's dangerous for him to have done that and my son is lucky to be here."

Conroe Independent School District officials sent parents an email denying social media reports of multiple arrests and weapons at the school.

"I saw lines out the door of parents picking their kids up, obviously fearing for their safety," said Misty. She was back on the Caney Creek High School campus on Friday.

"They had a lot more police on campus and they said they had it amped up there because of threats being made," said Misty. "There was supposed to be some kind of race war between the white children and Hispanic children.

The boy who stabbed Dalton is Hispanic but school officials aren't linking the stabbing on Thursday to the social media claims on Friday.

In a statement, Conroe ISD said there were no arrests or weapons at Caney Creek High School on Friday.