Authorities seize 105 animals from southwest Houston apartment

Authorities seized 105 animals from an apartment in southwest Houston on Tuesday. The animals included 13 ferrets, 16 sugar gliders, 22 chinchillas, two prairie dogs, 11 guinea pigs, six African Grey parrots, 32 cockatiels, and three canines.

According ot the Houston Humane Society, the animals were discovered when law enforcement served an eviction notice at an apartment in the 10200 block of Sugar Branch Drive. The Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce was notified and deputies with the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office obtained a warrant to seize the animals.

The animals are in the custody of the Houston Humane Society. The humane society's veterinary team will conduct medical evaluations and create treatment plans for each animal. HHS will care for the animals until permanent custody is determined in court.