Astroworld attendee who witnessed someone die at event says she's traumatized

More victims of the Astroworld tragedy spoke out Tuesday night about the long-term effects they are now dealing with.  

There were a total of five people at Tuesday night’s meeting, one in particular, 19-year-old Camron Ann Mott tells FOX 26, she is now traumatized and unable to sleep.


FOX 26 was able to speak to Mott one-on-one, but she was too traumatized to get a full sentence out. Her attorney tells us, she witnessed someone die at the event. She went to the concert with close friends and family. 

"He could have stopped the show, he could have prevented this," said Bryan Espinoza, one of five attendees who spoke at the meeting]. Espinoza believes the performer could have done more to keep the concertgoers safe.

"About 200-plus people came into this compact area, we told security we are getting smashed but security told us to put your hands on the railing," said Jonathan Espinoza. "Instantly my ribs are getting smashed into the gate, I look at the security guard and they told me I can't do anything."

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The five victims all drove down from Corpus Christi to speak out Tuesday about the timeline of the disastrous and dangerous Astroworld event. All of them saying they are now emotionally and physically damaged for life. 

Many of them suffered physical injuries like broken ribs, torn hamstrings and rotator cuffs. But like Mott, some of them witnessed a fellow concertgoer lose their life. 

"We went out for a good time and we left with sadness and grief," said Bryan Espinoza.

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The law firm, Law Office of Ricardo L. Ramos, tells FOX 26, they are now representing 30 victims from the Astroworld tragedy, many of them minors and young adults in college.