Asian-Americans are targets of racism amidst COVID-19 pandemic

"It's scary for a lot of people, said Debbie Chen co-owner of Shabu House. "I think it's even scarier for women."

Houston's Chinatown looks more like a ghost town.

The county's stay at home work safe order is the main reason, but businesses here have taken a hit since COVID-19 raised its ugly head.

Now, Asian Americans here are worried about racism.


"My co-worker said that his sister was flat out called a virus," said Chen. "She felt personally threatened and wanted to get out of that situation very quickly before she was physically attacked."

"That worries the local Asian population," said Kenneth Li Vice Chairman of the Asian Chamber of Commerce. "We've been here since the 80s and we are part of Houston."

Some believe the president calling COVID-19 the "Chinese virus" has caused some of the racist attacks.

"I think there's a concern about that," Li said. "This virus isn't just a threat to Asia or China, it's a threat to everybody."

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