Apple offering monetary compensation for iPhone 7, 7 Plus audio defect

iPhone users may be eligible for compensation as Apple commits to a $35-million-dollar settlement pertaining to an audio defect in two of its iPhone models. This settlement announcement is an important development for American consumers who have experienced audio issues with their devices.

The lawsuit in question centers around allegations that the audio functionalities of the affected iPhone models including iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were either non-functional or unresponsive. Additionally, the suit claims that Apple had prior knowledge about the defect but opted not to repair the devices free of charge.

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Consumers not in possession of a receipt for their purchase will be relieved to know that proof of purchase is not a prerequisite for a claim.

While the tech giant has agreed to pay out the substantial settlement, it maintains that no wrongdoing has taken place on its part. This will come as a significant point of contention for those affected, signaling a level of accountability expected from such major corporations.


For potential complainants, the window to file for their due compensation is limited and they should take action before the deadline on June 3 to ensure participation in the settlement.

Apple iPhone users who've encountered audio issues with their phones should verify their eligibility and file a claim promptly to benefit from the nearly $350 offered per claimant. To file a claim, click here.