Army vet's shooting death caught on camera, his killer still hasn't been caught

It’s been one week since a U.S. Army veteran was shot and killed in a Houston apartment complex and no one has been arrested. His sister is speaking out in hopes of getting justice. 

"It’s just sad and I can’t stop crying. My brother didn’t deserve this," says Dimonique Tezeno.

The shooting of Army Veteran Darrell Tezeno was actually recorded, posted on social media and has been watched and shared repeatedly, but his killer still hasn’t been caught. 

His loved ones are heartbroken to know Tezeno’s life was taken on camera as he attempts to break up a fight between two women, including his cousin. 

"My brother was just trying to help. He was getting pepper sprayed. This fight had been happening all day from the fight to the shooting. It had been happening all day. No police were called," explains Dimonique.

"My concern is how could that many people be involved in fighting at an apartment complex and the police were never called? Then the man walks up to him (Darrell) and executes a good samaritan. It is sad this young man, who was a military veteran,  was trying to stop the fight. Let’s be clear, he wasn’t fighting nobody," says Community Activist Quanell X.


"I saw everything. I will never get that out of my mind. I can’t go to sleep. Every time I type in my brother’s name, boom I see the video," says Dimonique. 

"Whenever these fights get ready to take place you have a crowd of people urging it on," Quanell explains. "Urging it and laughing," adds Dimonique. "They do that so they can go Facebook Live, so they can go live on social media," says Quanell. 

In fact, as the fight streamed live, witnesses say one woman claimed Tezeno pushed her and she summoned the gunman. 

"This military veteran didn’t put his hands on anybody. He tried to do the good thing, the right thing and was executed in cold blood simply for doing the right thing," explains Quanell.

"Oh Lord, I just wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy," Tezeno’s grieving sister says through tears. 

Tezeno is a father who served four tours of duty in Afghanistan. 

"He’s a retired Army veteran, a good samaritan and a hero in our community," says Quanell but it was off Scott Street in the Southlawn Palms Apartments on the Southside of Houston that Tezeno was gunned down. 


"The community should be outraged. Fellow service men and women should be outraged that one of their own did not die in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. He came home and was executed in cold blood. Any man that could walk up and execute a man in cold blood, then on video, you see him go in his pockets and rob him. Then you see him check the victim's pulse. What that says to me is, this is a man that’s a cold blooded killer, and perhaps it’s not his first time. I’m extremely concerned with that type of cold callous human being still roaming in our community," says Quanell. 

"I just pray my brother gets justice, because at the end of the day this is wrong," cries Dimonique. 

The Tezeno family is asking anyone who can identify the gunman to contact the Houston Police Department.