Ambulance crew stops to help 98-year-old Texas woman mow her lawn

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An EMTC ambulance crew was driving through a Waco neighborhood when they saw a 98-year-old woman mowing her lawn in the June heat and stopped to give her a hand.

Her neighbor, Dashlin James, captured the sweet moment as the crew took over for the woman. 

"My neighbor is like 98 years old, she still cuts her own grass, we have helped her before as well. She is so sweet, her name is Ms. Durham and this crew of ETMC came around twice and are cutting her grass," James wrote on Facebook.

James recognized the men and woman for saving lives and helping out others beyond the call of duty.

"Thank you ETMC! I had to capture these photos!! Thank you guys for helping her out! Lets give these men and woman a round of applause for saving lives and helping others out! They are appreciated!!" James wrote.