Alligator that appears to have dog in its mouth spotted in Clear Lake bayou

Photos courtesy Robert Tijerina

Photos that appear to show an alligator with a dog in its mouth are a scary safety reminder for pet owners.

A resident took the photos at Horseshoe Bayou in the Clear Lake area.

Texas Parks and Wildlife reminds pet owners that alligators may see a pet as an easy food source. They recommend pet owners keep their dog on a leash no longer than six feet and away from the water’s edge. Do not let your pets drink from or swim in water where there may be an alligator.

If an alligator was recently spotted in an area near your home, TPDW say you should consider keeping pets indoors or in a fenced area for a few days.

If you see an alligator, do not kill, harass or attempt to move it. TPWD says this is dangerous and against state law.

TPWD shared other tips for keeping everyone safe around alligators:

  • Keep 30 feet away from all alligators. Back away slowly if you get too close. Alligators can outrun or outswim a human for a short distance.
  • Do not swim in a body of water if you see an alligator in it.
  • Do not allow small children to play near or in water by themselves.
  • Hissing is a warning that you are getting too close.
  • Do not feed alligators or throw fish scraps near water.

 For more information on alligator safety and what to do if you encounter one, click here.