Agape Project delivering Thanksgiving meals to homebound seniors

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Some seniors in Pasadena will be getting a delicious Thanksgiving meal, thanks to a local non-profit, The Agape Project.

Luby's Restaurant in Deer Park provided a generous donation to make their Thanksgiving wish come true. The Agape Project is delivering meals and provides critical services for homebound seniors in Pasadena. The group is committed to helping homebound individuals and their families find the best services for their most pressing needs.

Laura Moody of the Agape Project said that the key need for homebound seniors in Pasadena is funding.  "We need to help them to pay their utility bills. It's not about extras, it's about necessities." After the seniors pay full rent, many times there's not any money left over for food. "They're dealing without medication and food."

Moody mentioned that she saw one senior, Caroline who had to stand in line for 2 hours for a box of donated food. "We've now made arrangements with the Houston Food Bank so they don't have to stand in the cold and heat."

If you want to learn more about the Agape Project or donate to the non-profit, please click here.  Or call, 832.776.1494.