After three decades, the beloved Houston Raceway Park will close its doors

After three decades, The Houston Raceway Park will be closing its doors in 2022, all 444 acres will be redeveloped into an industrial business park. 

Gary Lowry, a former racer, who was in the mix back in 1988 when conversations about developing the track began, tells us it was an exciting time. 

"The Angle brothers and the Gay family decided they would do something with all the connections they had and in September of '88, we opened this bad boy up," said Lowry. "I was the first one to get the first win light under completion."

With Lowry's expertise in racing, he tells us the Angle family asked for his thought about the track before opening their doors. 

"They leaned on racers that had been doing it for a while, we kind of helped them get it going and they built us a fine facility," said Lowry. 


Lowry said the track had an edge because it’s built at sea level. 

"It is at sea level, that is the most horse power that you can get if you are in Colorado, they don’t run as good," said Lowry. "When its sea level, you’ve got an animal on your hands."

For car enthusiasts, current and former racers and lovers of the sport, this is a home they will have to say farewell to. The last event will be the National Hotrod Association event in the Spring. 

For many decades, the track brought joy and created countless memories for fans and racers, but it also served the community. 

"We opened up three decades ago to take street racing off the streets and put it on the race tracks," said Former owner Seth Angel.


In March of 2021, the track partnered with local law enforcement from surrounding counties to encourage legal racing after seeing a large spike in street racing and street takeover incidents. 

"That mission remains today as we fast forward to 2021, illegal street racing continues to be a growing and dangerous activity in our community," said Angel.

While it lasts, the track hosts ‘Fast Fridays,’ every Friday, weather permitting, to encourage those with a need for speed to race in a safe and controlled environment.