Administrators try to convince state to reopen Rhodes School Northshore campus

It’s been a strange start to the school year for some students whose school was suddenly shut down by the state.  

Administrators had a hearing in Austin this morning as they try to get the Rhodes School for the Performing Arts Northshore campus reopened.  The kids went back to the books last week only to have the school shut down this week by the Texas Education Agency.

"We have to understand they are going through a transition.  We just moved locations, not only that they have a new principal this year,” says Iesha Stanislas whose daughter has been attending the Rhodes School Wallisville campus for three years.

"I don’t understand how they allowed this to happen either, but in their defense they have been trying and doing everything possible to make this go smoothly,” Stanislas adds.  

The charter school's administrators were in Austin for a hearing as they tried to convince the Texas Education Agency to reopen this Rhodes School campus.  The TEA closed the Wallisville Road location after the Harris County Fire Marshal cited the school with a host of safety violations from electrical issues to blocked exits and even for failing to have a fire alarm and sprinkler system.

"I think they will do everything in their power to make sure our kids are in a safe environment.  I don’t have any doubt about that. (You want to see the Rhodes school reopen?) Absolutely,” says Stanislas. 

According to the Fire Marshal’s Office, from here the Rhodes school has to submit improvement plans from a certified architect.  The proposal has to be approved by the county engineering department.  The fire marshal’s office will complete an inspection after the work is finished, then make a recommendation to the TEA.  We're told the process could take six to nine months.  

Meanwhile, students who normally attend this campus will begin being bussed to other Rhodes School locations Wednesday.