Administrator uses permanent marker to color in student's hair design

Angela Washington was livid when she took to social media this week. She described what happened to her son at Berry Miller Junior High in Pearland ISD.

Because her son Juelz had designs in his haircut, an administrator at the school decided to take a permanent marker to color in the area where his hair was cut. The administrator said the hair design violated the school's dress code. 

Juelz was not given a choice to avoid the punishment. It was either have his hair colored in, or go to In School Suspension. He was also not given the chance to call home to his parents. 

"You give a 13-year-old the option of basically being humiliated, embarrassed, or going to ISS, that is a hard choice to make without calling your parents, or letting them know what's going on," his mother, Angela Washington said. 

The school administrator is currently on leave, but that isn't quite enough for Juelz's parents.

"They could have just called us," said Dante Trice, Juelz's father. "If you called and said he's out of dress code, we'd come get him, it's that simple." 

The way the situation was handled has taken a toll on Juelz and his family. 

"Everyone's been talking about it, and making memes," said Juelz. "A student at my school made a post about me being a thug and unintelligent."