7-year-old amputee stands tall showing longhorns at Rodeo Houston

Meet a strong, gutsy seven-year-old rodeo cowboy named Zachary who's standing out among the crowd of competitors. This determined once-wheelchair-bound amputee has reached a special milestone, and it was just in time for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Despite a disability. Zachary loves his animals, and it's easy to see the bond--since the thousand pound longhorn loves his belly rubbed. it's part of the maintenance. "Feed them and give them water and give them hay and wash them and trim them"  Those are some of Zachary's chores. since he wants to be a cowboy

When he was growing up, he loved every minute of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This is his family's second year.  They've brought six animals to show in various competitions, and Zachary's father says it's been more than special. "This experience is a milestone."  Zachary was in a serious accident in 2014. He's an amputee, after he lost his leg in the accident.

For the past nine months, he's been in a wheelchair.  "They've been working on his leg. so this was a really -- kind of a milestone, This is his first real thing since he's been in the wheelchair," Zachary's dad said.  "He was counting down the different classes to his class so he could get out there and show his animal!"  Zachary received his prosthetic leg just in time for therodeo.

His family took these pictures to capture the very moment he walked out, standing tall and proud of his longhorn. "He got last place. We asked him--what did you think about that? He was super excited. He said, 'I got last place! I'm happy'" 

Like your average seven-year-old, he is full of energy.cowboys boots and shirt.  He'll be going home a winner after rolling around the rodeo on his longhorn that doesn't mind any of the extra weight since the two have leaned on one another the last few days. "Zachary doesn't hold anything back. He's kind of hard to keep down. He comes back and bounces back really fast--so there's nothing that holds him back, other than mom and dad!"