6-year-old killed in drive-by laid to rest

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The body of 6-year-old Moises Jimenez was finally laid to rest on Friday.

Mourners paid their respects at the Immaculate Conception church where a portrait of Moises stood next to the casket.

Moises was killed last Friday in a drive-by shooting when a spray of gunfire blasted through their home in southeast Houston. Investigators have said the suspects admitted they were aiming for the older brothers.

Moises died from his gunshot wounds while his brother Manuel still fights for his life in the hospital -- he had to be rushed into emergency surgery the same time the service for his little brother started.

As the Jimenez family said a final goodbye, the confessed gunman, Alexis Cuapio, was in court for his probable cause hearing where new details emerged.

“A witness came forward after seeing news reports on the case, said she had loaned her vehicle to some men she had identified. She also said she had found fired shell casings in her vehicle. Afterwards, she confronted this defendant, Cuapio, and he told her he didn't mean to kill the kid,” said a court worker at

Cuapio’s probable cause hearing.

Investigators say the three suspects who were in the car during the shooting confessed.

At this time, only two--Oscar Ollervides and Alexis Cuapio are being charged.

Ollervides is now out on bond.