3 overnight smash and grabs keeping investigators busy

In Spring, last night, two crooks used a backhoe to break into the Warthog Firearms business, knocking down a corner of the store.

Surveillance video shows the men did a lot more smashing than grabbing, only getting away with a single rifle that was still being repaired.

All the money and other weapons were stored away in a safe . The owner vows to return and says because of the nature of his business, the robbery attempt wasn't too much of a surprise.

Joe Bargas, the store owner explained the many safety precautions they’ve taken, “ . . . good lucks, security alarms, surveillance video and stuff like that, so. . . We’ve tried to do our due diligence but if somebody wants something, they’ll try and take it from you.”

The owner says the landlord does have property insurance. He estimates the repairs could cost tens of thousands of dollars. In the meantime he'll continue to do business from another location.

A second smash and grab happened at a Texaco store on Gessner. There the crooks used a truck to smash into the store and got away with the  ATM  and cash register.

In Sunday night’s third incident, two guys rammed a truck into a store on  MLK Boulevard, but left empty handed.

Investigators don’t believe the three incidents are related