2 candidates running in next week's primary runoff for criminal district court judge talk with FOX 26

208th Criminal District Court Judge Greg Glass is one of four current Criminal District Court Judges who lost in the March primary.

"I saw a great deal of inefficiency in the 208th in my experience as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney," said candidate Kimberly McTorry. "I have seen first-hand how those delays can seriously impact people's lives."

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McTorry is one of two democrats vying for the 208th. Her opponent is Beverly Armstrong, a prosecutor in Polk County.

"People getting out on bond repeat violent offenders, it has been a legitimate concern for members of the community because everybody deserves to live in a community where they feel safe," McTorry said.

Prosecutor Andrea Beall defeated 185th Criminal District Court Judge Jason Luong in the primary, but not enough to win outright.

"I decided to run for the 185th because of the lack of efficiency in that court," Beall said. "When I decided to run against my opponent, he had presided over the least amount of trials in all the criminal district courts in Harris County, and the other judges had tried two to five times the amount of cases he had tried in 2019."


Last month, we told you about a recusal motion filed against Luong after a jury convicted a man in the 185th of continuous sexual abuse of a child and sentenced him to 25 years.

Loung said the jury had reached the wrong verdict.

The motion to recuse states, "Judge Luong equated child sexual abuse charges with the Salem witch trial because just a mere outcry from a statement from a child is enough to put a man away for the rest of his life."

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"I think that it's important that Harris County voters select somebody they know who will be fair and impartial, and now we know this is not happening in the 185th when it comes to child sexual abuse victims," Beall said.

We asked Judge Loung for an interview but heard nothing back.