17-year-old to become HISD’s first Hispanic female pilot in almost 20 years

Only on FOX 26, a 17-year-old student from Sterling Aviation Early College High School is on her way to becoming the first Hispanic female pilot the school has had in almost 20 years.

“At first it was kind of heavy, you know, it made me rethink can I really do it? You know, is this the right choice for me? But after realizing that I really like it and I wanted to devote my time to it, it just doesn’t matter to me because I think I can do it," says 17-year-old Delia Nava.

She never thought she would pursue a career as a pilot. It took some positive reinforcement from teachers for her to join the aviation program. Once she did, she became the only female student enrolled in the program.

The senior is working hard because when she graduates, she will obtain her private pilot’s license. She tells me the pressure isn’t as intense now, and she enjoys spending her time on the tarmac and up in the sky. 

Delia tells FOX 26 she enjoys flying “because of the adrenaline it gives me, and it is very interesting. There’s not much time in my life where I’ve been able to feel that exhilaration through my body." 

The teen says she’s proud another Hispanic female student was able to accomplish what she is doing almost 20 years prior. Graduating is the short term goal, but Delia hopes to become a commercial pilot one day and inspire other young girls to follow in her footsteps. 

“It’s amazing. I am super proud of the opportunities that we have to give our youth, and being that she is setting the trend for other females to come through, I’m super excited about it," says Muriel Jones, the Magnet Coordinator of Sterling Aviation Early College High School.

Delia hopes that people from all walks of life will be inspired to enter the aviation field.

“I just kind of hope that in the future we can get everybody of every skin tone in it, so it’s just not limited to a Hispanic girl or other people, I just want diversity in it," she says.