1 killed, multiple injured in shooting at Houston block party

Police say one person was killed and several other people were hurt in a shooting at a block party in Houston's Independence Heights neighborhood on Sunday night.

Video circulating on social media captures the horror. A man says something garbled and then come the shots. It sounded like a firefight in Iraq, not like the streets of Houston. Eyewitnesses are still terrified.

"Dudes just come out of nowhere and began shooting. How many? I don't know. I had my children. I started running trying to get to safety with my babies," said a party-goer who asked not to be identified.

Some of those shots hit parked cars.

"It's hit up on the glass on the driver's side. The front top and the side of my hood. It won't start," said another party goer whose car was trapped behind crime scene tape.

But most importantly, they hit people. One hit a 13-year-old boy identified by family as Angel Morales, who was at the party for teens. He died at the scene. Police say bullets grazed a teenaged girl, struck two more women and hit a girl in the ankle. Broken glass injured still more.

Investigators returned to the scene Monday morning to gather evidence when the light was better.  Chief Art Acevedo was at the scene, too, calling the shooters cowards and promising they won't go unpunished.

"We're going to put everything we can into solving this horrific crime. I just think it speaks to the problem that we have in society not just here in Houston but in this country with gun violence that continues to plague communities." he told reporters.

How many shooters were there? Was it a shootout or were they just shooting into a crowd? What was this even about? Those questions remain unanswered for now.  The chief did say the suspects are possible gang members. Whoever they are, they remain on the run and have left heartache behind them.

"But my prayers go out to the boy’s family because he did not deserve that at all. They were all just out here having a good time," said the first witness.