Officer breaks car window to rescue pit bull from hot car

Police share yet another reminder that leaving a pet in a hot vehicle in never okay. Boynton Beach Police Department shared a video of officers rescuing a pit bull from a hot car after a good Samaritan called police.

Police say the car was parked at a shopping center and after going from store to store for several minutes to locate the owner, an officer used a baton to break a window and free the dog. Police say the temperature in the car was at least 110 degrees if not more.

It was 10-15 minutes from the time officers got the call to the time the owner came back out to her car, authorities say. She told officers she had stopped by the bank on her way home from the dog park and had to go inside for a few minutes because the drive thru was closed.

The woman was cited for leaving her dog unattended in the vehicle, which violates a Palm Beach County Ordinance.