Lawn drainage problem, lack of child support payments, tree trimming

The following three questions, submitted to FOX 26 senior legal analyst Chris Tritico, were answered during a FOX 26 Morning News segment on Oct.. 6, 2015:

I hired a contractor to build my house in San Leon, I closed on the house on 11/12/2015. I paid for my own sod and landscaping $2900, but ever since I moved in we have had week after week of rain and each time my yard has been holding water because it was never graded properly , it literally takes days for it to drain and then there is still a slushy mess in my yard.  Isn’t it the builder’s responsibility to insure a property is graded to drain to the street??  I have talked to the builder and he has promised me on more than one occasion that he would take care of the situation once the yard was totally dry.  Since then there has been several weeks that the yard was completely dried out but no one has bothered to make an effort to  correct the issue.  My last conversation with the builder was 6/2/15 and he said he would take care of it, I ask him what plan he had to repair my lawn and give me a date that he could do the job, he then accused me of harassing him and never gave me an answer.  The very next day he brought in dirt to fill in the yard of the house he has built next door to mine, which is now higher than my yard and only adds to my drainage problem. I am a single senior citizen and this was the first time I have ever purchased a home on my own before, I never would have thought about checking the grade on my yard before I closed.  I have gotten a couple of bids to see how much I would be looking at to have this problem corrected but it is very pricey $4000 to $5000. If this problem is not corrected it could possibly cause damage to my slab. 

I am currently going through a divorce case that has been going on since April 2014. In January 2015, me and my spouse went to court to finalize our uncontested divorce but he showed up with a lawyer causing the case to be "contested" so the judge basically said there was nothing he could do until I worked something out with my spouse's lawyer. For months now I have tried to contact his lawyer only managing to speak to him once and he said he would try to make some progress on the case. Well here it is months later and I still have heard nothing from the lawyer. I contacted the Dispute Resolution Center and they gave me dates to try and set a mediation, I called the lawyer with those dates and he never responded. So then I called the Dispute Resolution Center again and they tried to contact the lawyer but never heard anything back. This morning I called the Dispute Resolution Center and they pretty much told me there was nothing they could do now. Soon I will be going to the Law Library to try and get some answers so I was hoping maybe you had some ideas? My spouse is not paying child support for our 2 year old son and there is no way I could afford a lawyer. I'm 18 years old and struggling. I just need help and answers so I can get this divorce finalized.

My crepe myrtle hangs over the fence to my neighbor's yard. I have told them in the past that it is ok to trim it at any time. Am I obligated legally to trim the limbs that hang over the fence?