Intimidating dating & online dating profiles

Dating is an opportunity to get to know someone and often times leads to understanding yourself a little bit better too. Being vulnerable and real in yourself helps your partner feel it’s okay for them to be real too.

Dear Mary Jo,

How do you make your date comfortable if you know more than her – or if she’s intimidated by what you say?



Dear Chris,

You can’t assume your date is intimidated or thinks you know more than her. Both women and men feel more comfortable with people who are comfortable in their own skin, so rather than trying to impress her with your accomplishments, focus on getting to know her. Be yourself, and make yourself open to being vulnerable. Laugh at yourself, tell her silly things you’ve done so she can see your imperfections, and treat her as though she is special to you.  Get interested in her and encourage her with talk as well as your body language. When she sees you’re a “real guy” instead of acting like someone you’re not, she’ll be attracted to you and want to spend more time with you.

Dear Mary Jo,

With the dating world being virtual and online, should I be concerned that the person I’m dating still has a profile online?

Thank you,


Dear Clint,

It may be miscommunication. Sometimes with online dating, as in face-to-face dating, the woman waits for the guy to bring up the topic of exclusivity. If you’re thinking about it now it would be a good idea to bring it up and talk to her about it.  This is usually a topic couples decide together, and both of them change their status. Before you jump to conclusions I think it’s best to see what she is feeling in regards to the two of you being exclusive with each other.