Immune boosting elderberry from family business in Tomball

 A small company in Tomball turned a do-it-yourself recipe into a family-owned business that hopes every stays healthy and lives "berry well."

Ruben Dominguez visited Live Berry Well and talked with founder Erica Dufrin who revealed that 

"When my oldest daughter was little, she was constantly plagued with ear infections, that often led to colds, drainage, and other yukies. Our pediatrician started the conversation about surgically inserting tubes as a solution. This suggestion brought the “crunchy mom” out of me like anger to the hulk. So, I began my research for alternative medicines and remedies. We first turned to essential oils, the gateway drug to the natural living lifestyle, and while lavender is my go-to cure for almost everything, garlic oil is an extremely effective medicine for ear infections! Two drops at the first signs and that infection doesn’t stand a chance (still use this remedy today). Another remedy that kept popping up in my searches was elderberry syrup for sinus congestion. I decided to give elderberry syrup a try to see if it worked as well as the garlic oil did for ear infections."

Erica started selling bottles of elderberry syrup in 2017 and then, " As demand continued to grow so did our operations. In early 2020 we outgrew our home kitchen and the Texas Cottage Kitchen laws, and moved into a storefront equipped with a commercial kitchen and became a licensed food manufacturer. The Husband manages the day to day operations, as I still enjoy being a full-time teacher, and as a family, we work together in the evenings and weekends as a true mom and pop business."