Howie Mandel wants everyone to take cholesterol 'to heart'

Howie Mandel is one of the biggest comedians in the world, but he has a message that's no laughing matter.

Mandel shared a serious message about high cholesterol on Houston's Morning Show.

He has joined the Take Cholesterol to Heart campaign to encourage people to talk with their doctors about their cholesterol and to speak up before they stop taking their statin.

According to Take Cholesterol to Heart, at least 50 percent of people discontinue taking their prescribed statin medication within a year, and consistent use decreases over time.

Mandel was one of those people. He says he didn't like his statin, so he went off of it.

"I didn't tell the doctor. So when I went back, my cholesterol was through the roof, and he informed me that you could kill yourself. It's very dangerous," Mandel says. "You don't feel anything. I was a runner. I was much younger than I am today. And it's amazing how many people have high cholesterol. They don't take care of it. It's the leading cause of heart disease."

Mandel says he finally spoke up and worked with his doctor to find a statin that worked for him.

For more information on the Take Cholesterol to Heart campaign, click here.