FOX Family Feast - Melissa Wilson's 3-ingredient Stuffed Celery

If cooking stresses you out on Thanksgiving, or perhaps everyone sneaking bites out of your kitchen stresses you out, a simple appetizer might help. “Stuffed celery” is something my family has enjoyed my entire life.  My mom used to serve it with the meal, but after my dad and I continued to sneak it out of the fridge, she ended up making it the appetizer.  It’s refreshing, delicious, and super easy to make, with only three ingredients! 


Celery (I prefer Organic) – cut in 3” strips or buy it already chopped up

1 Package of Cream Cheese

½ jar of green olives (finely chopped)

Stir the chopped green olives into the cream cheese and top the celery slices with it. 

Voilà!  Fill up a Thanksgiving platter with them, sit them out, and watch how quickly they disappear. You can’t eat just one. Ask my colleagues, after I brought them into FOX 26.  

My two sons, Zach and Caleb, even got their friends to pitch-in and help make them this year.