Finding Families - 10-year-old boy in need of permanent family

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As summer winds down, thousands of foster children are faced with the challenge of attending a new school.  In this edition of Finding Families, we introduce you to a young boy who has been removed from his biological parents due to abuse and neglect. He’s now ready and waiting for a family to adopt him.

“Christopher is a ten-year-old little boy going to fourth grade," said Atasha Kelley-Harris with Depelchin Children’s Center. "He's been in foster care for about five years, since age 5.” 

Christopher is very smart and he loves to watch the news. He also enjoys working on phones and computers. He said that when he grows up, he wishes to be an IT guy who helps people fix electronics.

Chris is also very active. He can't enough laser tag play and appreciates trips to Dave and Buster's.

“Chris is open to a single or two parent home," said Kelley-Harris. "He's open to siblings or no siblings. He actually would probably thrive on one on one attention. He seems to be mature for his age and a sharp little kid who does well in school.” 

“I would like to play basketball and have someone to play with, and I would like to have someone teach me new stuff,” said Christopher.

To adopt Christopher or any other child, please contact Depelchin Children’s Center at