Civil lawsuit statute of limitations, home security, criminal record

The following three questions, submitted to FOX 26 senior legal analyst Chris Tritico, were answered during a FOX 26 Morning News segment on Oct.. 13, 2015:

My neighbor knowingly sold me a stolen tractor!  Before the purchase, I did my research, I called Harris County Sheriff's Department and Brookside Equipment to have them run the VIN#.  Both facilities said this equipment has not been reported stolen.  Four months pass and I see police activity at "THE" Neighbors house.  Once again, I am concerned about my purchase.  Next business day I make those same two calls and have the VIN# checked in order to ease my mind.  Nothing entered in data base regarding this tractor.  Of course happy with the news, I carry on.  It is finally dried up after all the rain we were getting and this tractor and I can get some much needed work done around here.  My Dad passed away three years ago and since then, My Mom and I have continued living on their tiny piece of earth (3 acres).
I have attempted to take on the role of my Dad, knowing this is nearly impossible for me alone, I knew this equipment would be a tremendous help around here.  Another month has past and although it has been quiet around our little private community, it happens again.  Police activity across the street, this time an arrest has been made.  With a new Detective on the case, he proceeds to question neighbors regarding suspicions activity where the man was arrested.  Not home at the time, Detective leaves card on our door with a note to please call him.  Long story short, five months later, he proceeds with the investigation and reports the horrible news, the tractor that I still make loan payments on, is in fact stolen.  As I am thrilled for the original owners, I am devastated.  This tractor was our ticket to a much more deserving habitat for both, my mother and I.  The mobile home we live in now is slowly but surely falling apart.  With little carpentry skills in our household, it is difficult to manage the upkeep and repairs.  My intentions were to put me and the tractor to work in order to fulfill a dream of having our small house built in the middle of our tiny piece of heaven.  As this dream crusher that lives across the street from us, acts as if he is above the law and does no wrong, we sit here with thoughts of a large loss for us.  The detective's only advice is to file a Civil Suit against the neighbor.  As of now, we are not in a financial position to do so.  Although if this is the only way we can attempt to regain our loss, it is something we must do.  Problem is, I need to know the statute of limitations for a Civil lawsuit, so I do not miss our deadline.
Please help!

If you have a security system installed, does the home security company have the right to watch you in your home and property through cameras they installed for your security home system.

My son went to renew drivers license at DPS office and could not because they told him that he hasn't registered as a sex offender. He never was charged with this went to court house and it is not on his record. They gave him a name at Fort Bend sheriff dept. to call left many messages with no call back. What do we do?