Chef Ronnie Killen shows how to craft the perfect burger

Food talk radio show host Cleverley Stone visits renowned chef Ronnie Killen and learns how to make a perfect burger at his newest restaurant venture, Killen's Burgers. He shares his preferred burger meat-to-fat ratio, uses salt to get a great sear and choosing the best bun option.

  1. For a nice crisp crust, use a cast iron skillet and get it as hot as possible. That’s what will give your burger a nice crisp crust, which gives it flavor and seals in the juices.
  2. Don’t pound the patty to flatten while cooking. You want to keep the juices in.
  3. The right bun is critical. You want it to hold up to the juiciness of the burger without it falling apart.
  4. Grill the bun with butter to keep the fat/juices from seeping into the bun.
  5. For ketchup, Chef Killen prefers Heinz or Whataburger ketchup, the latter of which he will be serving at Killen’s Burgers.