Who will Biden choose, cabinet speculation - What's Your Point?

 Vowing an "administration that looks like America, presumptive President-Elect Joe Biden has already appointed five women and four people of color to his team.  Among some of the more intriguing cabinet speculations, one-time rival Bernie Sanders as Labor Secretary, former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice as a potential secretary of state, and Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg as U.N. Ambassador, and in what could be a stunning reversal of fortune, Sally Yates, the Deputy AG fired by President Trump, is reported to be a candidate for the top job at the Justice Department.

This week’s panel Bob Price, Associate Editor, Breitbart Texas, Bill King, Houston businessman and columnist, Charles Blain, founder Urban Reform, Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader, Tony Diaz, Latino Politics and News – KPFT join Greg Grogan in speculating about the possible Biden cabinet.