What do voters really care about and which candidate is most concerned about economic well-being?

 Over the past few years - and with good reason - we on this program have frequently discussed multiple aspects of two extraordinarily contentious issues - "abortion access" and "illegal immigration."

 As we approach the pivotal 2024 election new polling tells us "neither" controversy is anywhere close to the top priority of the American voting public.

 A Monmouth National Survey of top concerns determined voters are intently focused on their financial well-being listing inflation, the economy, everyday bills, housing expense, health care costs and job security as top concerns.

 When you combine them all - more than 60% of voters listed a number one priority directly impacting their family's income and ability to flourish moving forward.

 By contrast, only 4% chose immigration and 3 percent abortion as their most critical voting issue.

134 days out from the election - what, if anything, should we make of this data?