Texas ban on abortion bouncing through the courts- What's Your point?

The "outcome" most legal experts have forecast for months.....has come to pass, that is, a federal court's decision to strike down our state's controversial "heartbeat abortion law" - which essentially criminalizes the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy.

 The measure, which more or less, deputizes citizen "bounty hunters" as  a radical, new enforcement tool. was described by U.S.District Judge Robert Pitman as an "offensive deprivation" of constitutional rights. 

 While pro-life forces almost immediately labeled pitman an "activist judge", a handful of Texas abortion providers have re-opened their facilities after more than a month of complete closure.

In the weeks since September 1, providing abortion care in this state has been nothing short of a dystopian nightmare

 Panel - never mind that a majority of Texans believe the new restriction on reproductive freedom goes "too far" - where are we headed now as the fate of the "heartbeat law" moves to the conservative 5th circuit for review? 

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